Icy Delights: Dyeing Fabric With Ice

Easy steps to creating beautiful ice dyed fabrics.
Welcome Video
4 mins
Supplies you will need for this class.
Supplies Video
6 mins
Supplies PDF
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Supplies Checklist PDF
31.4 KB
Dye Precautions
Safety Precautions Video
3 mins
Dye Precautions PDF
39.2 KB
Choosing Dye Colors
Choosing Dye Colors Video
5 mins
Choosing Colors - To split or not to split
6.93 MB
Master Color List Video
4 mins
Master List of 45 Colors
32.7 MB
My Favorite Color Combos
9.03 MB
Ice Dyeing Process
Ice Dyeing Process Video
8 mins
Ice Dyeing Process PDF
13 MB
Dye Calculator
46 KB
Dye Calculator Video
4 mins
Adding Dye With Shakers
2 mins
Using Garden Trays
6 mins
Batching in the Sun
3 mins
Ice Dyeing Patterns
Patterns Video
11 mins
Patterns PDF
10.9 MB
Bonus Lessons
Bonus Video
3 mins
Bonus PDF
12.4 MB
Ropes, Chains and Tubing
8.18 MB
Circle Pattern
2 mins
Keeping Organized
Project Folder
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Project Worksheet
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